Aldersgate Partners & Giving Societies

The vast majority of financial support for the work of Aldersgate Homes and Collinswood comes from local churches and individual donors. Your gifts enable us to serve persons with developmental disabilities in a variety of endeavors. We very much appreciate your support.

“Society” is a good Methodist word. Within the early Methodist movement, “Societies” were formed. Charles and John Wesley formed a religious society dedicated to personal devotion and service to others. As Methodism spread in America, local societies were formed in order to support and encourage its members. It is fitting that our donors be listed in “societies” as recognition of their support of the ministry of Aldersgate Homes.

  • Aldersgate Partners: $5000+
    Aldersgate Partners are donors whose gifts wholly or in large part support an Aldersgate home or fund structural additions at Collinswood.
  • The Susanna Wesley Society: $1000 – $4999
    Susanna Wesley – mother of John and Charles Wesley, known as the Mother of Methodism.
  • The John Wesley Society: $500 – $999
    John Wesley – A priest of the Church of England, evangelist, and founder of Methodism.
  • The Charles Wesley Society: $250 – $499
    Charles Wesley – A leader of the early Methodist movement, author of 6000 hymns and poems.
  • The Thomas Coke Society: $100 – $249
    Thomas Coke – The first Methodist Bishop, known as the Father of Methodist Missions.
  • The Francis Asbury Society: $1 -99
    Francis Asbury – A missionary sent to America by John Wesley, one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the US, known as the Prophet of the long road.

If you would like information about how to support a residential placement, building, equipment or programming at Collinswood or another specific project, please contact Aldersgate / Collinswood at 404 327-9491 or for details. To make a donation, please visit our donation page.